Friday, 23 December 2016


#blogmas is nearly over.
One more post after this and I am done.

This year might be the first year I have actually done it:
I have blogged every day in the build up to Christmas throughout December.

Not one day missed:
big tap on the back for me!

Now for some that is nothing big, but for me
well it is a big thing considering everything else I have going on in my life,
and I am proud of myself.

Which is something I do not say enough of unfortunately.

So I though it was about time for me to list a few other things 
I am proud of myself for this year
to just make my ego even bigger hahahaha....

(1) Overcoming my fear of driving.
I have been known to have panic attacks in cars and have never enjoyed driving.
And while I would not say I enjoy it, I do it now without fear, dread or trepidation .
I have even met my fear of motorway driving head on and overcome it.
Only parking now to address:
there is nothing wrong with just dumping your car though right!?

(2) Facing reality
Some pretty sh*t things happened this year which I really wanted to run from,
but I faced them head on and, although it has taken me a while 
 I have come to accept them for what they are.

(3) Addressing my anxiety and panic attacks.
I sought help and now am much better at controlling them and asking for help when I need it.

(4) Investing in myself.
Be that money in new clothes, time to pamper myself, or just being a little kinder on myself; this has been a new things for me and something that is so important.  
And it is definitely something I plan to continue in 2017.

(5) Saying yes to more things.
Seeing my friends in Brussels and going down to London are just a few examples but even saying yes to a play date with a new friend or a lunch with a new contact.  
All these little things have pushed me, helped me grow, and been really positive experiences.

(6) My role as a mother.
My girls are happy and well settled despite it having being a year of change and adaption for them.
I am so proud of them and myself for putting them first 
and playing a major role in how amazing they are.

And on that note...


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