Friday, 9 December 2016


I love a bath to relax in and nowhere does bath stuff like Lush, especially at Christmas.  So of course the other day when I just happened to be walking past I had to buy some things and here is what I got with a few other pearls of wisdom.

Bubble bars:

Bath Bombs:


Shower gel:

The Lush I went to was rather depleted on the Christmas stock, probably because it was full of teenage girls buying the ones Zoella had mentioned, so I think I might do a sneaky online order to get:

Let me know what your favourite things to get form Lush are, I think my favourite at the moment is the Rose Jam shower gel just because I am obsessed with anything rose scented it seems, and also this leaves me kind of smelling like turkish delight in a totally good way.

On that note maybe I should go and have a bath...bye bye xxx

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