Thursday, 1 December 2016


I thought this could be a new regular feature where I choose some of my favourite photos from my instagram (follow my at @lottie_mvp) and just do a bit of a recap of the month focussing more on the lifestyle personal side of things that don't feature as heavily over here.

So here goes...

This year we had a little fireworks party in my parents garden.  It was something I had always wanted to celebrate more with the girls and this seemed a great way to do it rather than a massive display.

We had sparklers, roman candles, and watched rockets zoom off into the sky.  The rockets were Ava's favourites although the bangs were a little noisy.

We then all warmed up with a good bowl of chilli because by the end my hands were frozen!

My girls are growing up so quickly and their independence and confidence is growing every day: they constantly are surprising me with what they can do.  So it is really nice that every so often they just want to cuddle with me while watching a film, reading book or just because.  I soak these little moments in because I know it won't be that much longer until they don't want to anymore.

Christmas drinks, Oh yes!!!  Major positive of the festive period.  Still haven't had a toffee nut latte yet though, think it is about time I remedy that.

Ava turned four this month...four!  She is such a little girl now and there is no chunky baby fat left.  But I am so proud of the young lady she is turning into.  She is soaks everything in and is so wise with what she says sometimes it astounds me.  And then other times she just says "bogeys" over and over again because of course it is hilarious!

Just as we were saying goodbye to November Father Christmas made an appearance and this is technically a cheat as it never made it onto my IG until today.  But this years christmas, although full of firsts, is going to be so memorable and special and I really can't wait to celebrate it with my little family of three.

Other things of note: my trip to Brussels and lots of good books.

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