Thursday, 15 December 2016


What has been making me happy lately:
- my new brushed cotton bedding.
It makes me sound middle aged but I don't care: it is so soft.

- candles.
The scent, lighting them, blowing them out.
All so satisfying.

- my new gym top.
It is so soft and cosy on the inside it is ridiculous.
I just want to wear it all the time.

- Ava's first proper school play.
She was a camel and it was hilarious.
And I was unbelievably proud.

- my two new perfumes,
Dior Addict and Stella by Stella McCartney.
They just smell divine.

_ my Christmas Elf t-shirt.
It just makes me smile every time i see it.

-quality streets.
They just remind me of my childhood.
Favourite: the strawberry creams of course.

- the traditional who has the best lights competition.
I wonder what some people were thinking when they decided to decorate their house.

-Avocado on toast with chillies and tomatoes.
Dream lunch.

- Ava finishing school for Christmas.
No more having to be up, dressed, showered, made up for the day, before 7am.
Slower mornings are a god send, and I appreciate them so much more.

what has been making you smile recently?

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