Friday, 16 December 2016


While Ava and I were colouring the other day I asked her a few questions to get her take on Christmas and this is whats she said. 

F.Y.I. I have spelt things how she said them.  I am not the best at spelling but its not that bad I promise.

Who was born on Christmas Day?

Baby Jesus

Do you know the story of Baby Jesus?

Some visitors gave presents to Baby Jesus and they were shepherds and they gave baby lambs that were qute.  And three wise men giving gold, myrrh and frankisence to Baby Jesus when he was born. And all the angels were singing.

So who is Father Christmas?

He likes to eat chocolate cake.  He is little with a little sleigh and little reindeers.  He has a beard and a red (points to tummy) and he likes to give me presents.

Are you on the good list?


What happens if you are on the naughty list?

You get nooooooooo presents.

What do you want for Christmas?

A ballerina doll in a party dress and party shoes.
(She decided this three days ago: it isn't looking good...)

And the best thing about Christmas is?

Getting presents and seeing Mary and Joseph in their house.

Ava is obvioualy super close to God and the crucial people in the nativity: who knew!?

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