Saturday, 10 December 2016


Last year I made my own Christmas wreath for the first time and I really enjoyed doing it and was rather proud of how it turned out.  So this year I started to make it a tradition and do it again.

Here is a quick D.I.Y. post of how to make a traditional foliage based wreath incase you fancy giving it a go.

The first thing to do is collect supplies which fall into three main categories.

(1) The wreath basics

An oasis which is already wreath shaped and ready to go after being soaked.  These can be picked up in all sorts of places including amazon.  

Florist wire.  I forgot to pick this up year and it would have made my life so much easier.

Ribbon to hang the wreath by.  This came with my wreath but you can also use florist wire if you want.

(2) Foliage and flowers.

I just fresh foliage cut from the garden this included holly, ivy, and other evergreen leaves: my plant knowledge is severely limited so sorry I can't be more helpful.  Don't forget to pick up some of the holly berries to add a contrast in colour.

I also used some of the Christmas tree that we cut off to fit it in its pot.  

Eucalyptus could also be a nice touch as could some herbs as they would make the wreath smell divine.

(3) Decorative accessories

Pine cones can easily be picked up and attached using florist wire as can cinnamon sticks.

I picked up some fake apples and berries from Wilkos while I was there, and they had quite a few to choose from including pre-made ribbons.

Dried orange slices are a lovely addition to brighten up the wreath and they smell divine.

Really you can use anything you like: the sky is the limit.

The key is to start on the inside and work your way doing the green foliage first as a base.  Remember to make sure all the oasis is covered, even the sides, to make sure the wreath looks full and that no oasis is showing.

This can take quite a while and is the most laborious part.

Then the fun begins adding the decorative accessories.  I like to keep to a theme in colour keeping to more the reds and golds and I tend to place my bow first and then go from there wanting it to be even and well balanced.

But really it is up to your and what you want it to look like.

And this is the finished item!  And I think it looks nice and homely and you wouldn't know I had made it.  My sister thought I had bought it: high praise indeed.

Remember to leave the wreath to lie flat overnight otherwise the water will drip out of the oasis and run down your door.

If you decide to make your own wreath let me know and send me a photo so I can see it.

Hope you are having a great weekend xoxo

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