Friday, 8 July 2016


A new place meant the opportunity for lots of crying on the sofa about how unfair life was and how I never wanted this to happen for starting new traditions and routines.  

Ok so I wasn't that positive straight off the bat but new routines are scary, especially as I had my routines down back down south full of activities, play dates, friends, but then there were a lot of bad things that I got to leave there too which I tended to forget about in those early days.

It was time to start building a life for me and the girls full of all the things that we loved.  Now I love a morning coffee: I need the caffeine to function.  The girls love animals, running around and cake.  So obviously the Birmingham Botanical Gardens was a natural choice for our new little tradition.

Hahaha, ok so I din't know it was the perfect place but one trip there and I was sold enough to become a member.  Yes I am that cool, and yes it is because I can drink coffee while watching my kids run around in a safely enclosed pretty big garden, so big they cannot annoy other people.  

It was a massive win win for all of us.  

We like to go and: have a walk around; make wishes throwing pennies into the fountain; scare the fish half to death by greeting them; find the peacock; scare the little budgies by being really friendly along with the other birds; have a very large coffee; eat our weight in cake; walk through the butterfly tent and try not rot freak out when a butterfly lands on me.  

It is great and I love taking the girls there.  The fact they have their own little preferences in what we see first and which cake to choose is so cute.  

And in those first few weeks this little tradition made me feel like it would all be ok.  I had this, I was strong enough to do this and the best had yet to come.  It was all going to work out for the best and better than I could ever imagine because I had my girls and they had me.

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