Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Oh the irony a Mum wearing Mom jeans.  

And yes I am quite smug with my little caption and am giving myself a big pat on the back.  Well done Lottie!  Well done!  Maybe I will even give myself a slow clap.  

Too much...

Anyway back to the trousers in question, Mom jeans.  To be honest I still am not sure what I make of them.  They are comfy and quirky and I feel quite cool in them, all massive positives.  But then there is the major question of "are they even flattering?"  

The answer is I have no idea.  

But there is something about them that I love unbelievably despite the possibility that they may do nothing for me and for me, and that that is good enough.  

Jeans :: BDG (similar) // T-shirt :: BDG (similar) //  Belt :: vintage // Trainsers :: Adidas Stan Smiths // Earrings :: Accessorize (similar)

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