Wednesday, 13 July 2016


I find that in difficult times it is always a good idea to start a new hobby, and that is how the #gymlife found me.

  I wanted something to focus on, something I was really rubbish at so all my attention would have to be focussed on that rather than overthinking about a whole host of hypothetical situations.
As I am not that coordinated and have never really worked out in my life the gym ticked all the boxes.  Also cue an excuse to buy and wear stylish workout clothes all day ever day and I was sold.

I was rather intimidated by the gym: the machines; the weights; and the fact everyone looked like they know what they were doing and I was there without a clue.  Luckily I had my gym buddies to help and guide me what to do and how to use everything.

And now I am a gym convert!

I know I didn't see that coming either.

The main reason I love the gym is not because my body looks better, but that is an added bonus, but mostly because of the way it makes my mind feel.  Kind of ironic really.

The gym gives me a focus and I love that.  I love I can go there in whatever mood and focus for a couple of hours and feel like I have achieved something.  It manages to change my mood and in some weird way calm me down or reset my perspective: which some days is much needed.

And most importantly it makes me feel so much better about going home and eating my body weight in biscuits afterwards.  Hahaha.

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