Sunday, 17 July 2016


Sundays for me are all about ease, well apart from the early wake up call for the gym.  But with that out the way then it is about comfort all the way.
It is no wonder I tend to wear stripes and hats on Sundays.  Two fail safe ways to look stylish, and rather parisian which definitely means stylish in my eyes.

I always like to look stylish, although some days I am more successful than others: I am in quarantine as the girls have chicken pox so style has gone out of the window at the moment.  

But it is never more important for me to look put together than when I am feeling low or a little flat.  I know it sounds a little superficial but somehow looking good on the outside helps change my mindset on the inside.

And this is never more true than on a Sunday.  Sunday is the day in the week I find hardest.  It is a day I associate with families and it is when the loss of being a family four normally rears its ugly head.  

Luckily for me though: a hat; some stripes; a smile; and my little girls;  make sure those feelings don't last too long.  

Top :: H&M // Jeans :: Cheap Monday // Shoes :: French Sole // Handbag :: Mulberry // Watch :: Notting Hill market // Bracelet :: Tiffany & Co

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