Sunday, 31 July 2016


When people say what is the one item of makeup you would take with you to a desert island my mind starts panicking.  Mascara or foundation?  Mascara or foundation?  Can't I have two?  But I think I would have to say foundation because of this little bottle of genius that seems to make my skins look flawless.

The Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation is more medium to full coverage but it is not heavy or cake-y on the skin.   I do have to make sure I add back definition to my face by contouring as I could look a little flat if I didn't, but it lasts all day.  And when I say that I mean it, this stuff is difficult to budge.

It just makes me feel airbrushed, and my skin looks glowy and even, and I love it.  On a plus it also has SPF in it so no need for sunscreen too.

Next is the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray.  I love this stuff!  It is the only thing I use religiously and never change up.  

I use this to refresh my hair on maybe day three after washing my hair.  It gives my dull flat hair volume and bounce and helps make it look like it has been washed in that cool dishevelled kind of way.  

It can be a bit crispy if used too much, but generally it allows your hair to move naturally and is perfect for packing for a weekend away where you don't want to wash your hair.  It is also perfect for adding texture and volume to up dos and keeps them in place.

A really great product: I would seriously suggest giving it a go.

And finally is the Thisworks Sleep plus pillow spray.  

Now naturally I am quite suspicious of such products: can a little spray really help or is it a placebo effect?  But after too many nights of broken sleep I was willing to try anything so I purchased this little gem.

And I can happily report it definitely helps me sleep.  The first time I used it I slept for over eight hours straight, which is basically unheard of!

I spray some onto my pillow and duvet and it really helps me to relax with its scent of lavender.  As I move in my sleep apparently more scent is released helping to maintain my sleep.  

I just find the scent so relaxing.  It just helps me feel calmer and keeps those long chains of unhelpful thoughts at bay so I can fall asleep really easy and quickly.

If you are having problems sleeping I would definitely recommend giving this a go.  

And there you have my top three beauty bits I am loving at the moment.

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