Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Does anyone else think that expectations are cruel?  I do.  I think expectations have made my heartbreaks so much worse and made agony that little bit greater due to the dashed hopes and resounding disappointment.

Sometimes I feel my expectations set me up for a fall, especially when you are dreaming about futures and lives together.  

They allow you to escape reality and  enter a dream world where you can see the future playing out in front of you like a film.  It makes it seem almost impossible that it would end any other way which makes it some how more agonising when it does.

Maybe I am too much of an emotional dreamer: I hold my hands up--guilty as charged--but I don't think I will change because there is also something so great about aiming for the stars and having unbelievably high expectations.  There is a high possibility I will never meet those expectations but I will get so much further than if I  just dreamed within the parameters of reality and the likelihood of things happening.

One thing I have learnt along the way though is expectations are fine to have for yourself: I am a great believer in never settling and fighting for what you deserve and believe in.  But I cannot force my expectations onto others and expect them to meet them, because then I will be disappointed.  I have a whole host of past experiences to prove it.

Instead I dream big for myself and draw the lines of what I am willing to expect where I want to, but if someone else fails to meet them then I have to leave them to it and walk away.  Their expectations might not be mine and there is nothing wrong with that, they have to live with the consequences of their actions not me: acceptance of this fact is definitely a work in progress!

So maybe expectations aren't as bad as I think they are if they are only for myself.  
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