Sunday, 24 July 2016


Skincare is still something that totally mystifies me and I think when I have a proper skincare routine down, well that will be when I feel I have this adulting thing down.

I have tried lots of different routines over the years and nothing has ever really worked that will reliably.  Maybe my skin just doesn't like being messed with or maybe that is what I want to think because I am quite lazy.  By the time I am washing my face at night all I really want is to be asleep in bed not doing step three in an eight step programme.

However as the years are passing I have accepted that a make-up wipe is not going to cut the mustard anymore and I at least have to jump on the anti ageing bandwagon to give my skin a chance of looking half decent by the time I hit sixty.

So in step my two go to moisturisers, that will hopefully keep the wrinkles at bay and plump by skin so it looks all glowy and not a day over twenty-one--I can dream.

 I use the Clinique smart  custom repair serum every morning after washing my face and before I put on my makeup.  It is lighter than a moisturiser and is absorbed into the skin really quickly.  It makes putting my makeup on a dream, but most importantly it is supposed to: reduce wrinkles and fine lines; even out skin skin tone; firm up you skin; and increase radiance.  And I have to say I am impressed.  

This little magic liquid definitely even out skin tone and it has helped with the crows feet that were beginning to appear around my eyes and the laughter lines around my mouth.  My skin does seem healthier and smoother and more plumped.

At night time I turn to the Clinique youth surge night age decelerating night moisturiser.  This is a much thicker consistency than the serum and due to that does feel like it would be really hydrating.  Additionally it is supposed to shield natural collagen production and protect and maintain the existing collagen therefore making skin more radiant and less wrinkly.  I think it definitely makes my skin look more plumped and my skin feels so smooth after using this.  And again I believe it has helped reduce those pesky wrinkles and fine lines that have begun appearing.

All in all I would recommend both these products for anyone who has normal to dry skin like me and is looking to take their first steps into the massive world of anti ageing skincare.  Then we can all look not a day past twenty one forever...hahahah!

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