Monday, 1 August 2016


I never realised how quickly time passed.  When I was younger school terms seemed to be never ending and weeks of exams seemed to feel like lifetimes.  But as I have grown up I seem to have found a new appreciation for time, especially since having the girls.

It feels like no time at all since I had a newborn Ava in my arms and I was marvelling at her tiny hands and her little toes.  And now she is having conversations with me and each day her independence and capabilities increase.

Then there is Meme, my "baby".  Sometimes I think that if I keep calling her my baby she will somehow stop growing, or that time will slow down so I can enjoy my little stubborn chunky twenty month old even more and be able to see the way she marches across the living room, right leg leading with a determined look on her face forever.

But that is the thing with time it never stands still: it is constantly moving forward so instead all I can do is capture as much as I can.

But then Meme goes and falls asleep in my arms like she hasn't done for a long, long time and then I think I have my baby for a while yet.  

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