Monday, 22 August 2016


Perspective is a funny thing.  It is defined as "a particular attitude towards or a way of regarding something"* and as a consequence is totally changeable depending on time, person, place etc.  

I always used to like a certainty which perspective is certainly not, which meant that I wanted my perspective to be affirmed by others to know I was right.  

But over time I have realised that the joy of perspective is its ability to change and develop as things unfold in front of me.

As I gain more of an insight I realise that things were not quite how they seemed and people were different and surprised me more than I ever thought possible.

With this realisation I no longer need the affirmation of being right and no longer feared being wrong.  I didn't need anyone else to agree with my perspective as long I believed it to be true and had integrity in that moment, then that is all that mattered.

The consequence of this I am now freer than I have ever been and I find this freedom exhilarating.  

I no longer waste as much time over analysing and worrying about what everyone else thinks: life is too short.  I don't concern myself with what others are doing, as long as it does not affect me negatively.

Just these little things have made such a big difference in helping me to step outside my comfort zone and attempt things, no long paralysed by failure.  

I am stronger, more confident and have higher self esteem than I have in a long time, all due to a little change in perspective.  

Oh perspective how I love you.  

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