Friday, 26 August 2016



Hello!  It has been a while: the joy of having no internet.  But now I am back with one of my favourite outfits that I have worn recently.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

I love keeping up to date with trends but at the same time never feel the need to follow what the latest "it" item is, especially if it doesn't suit me.  Most of my wardrobe is made up of classic items that can be thrown together and hopefully look stylish and quite expensive.

But every so often I see a trend which ticks all those boxes and is comfy and effortless too boot, and the rise of the pyjama style shirt fell right into this category.  

It is comfortable and loose, ready to hide my post big meal bloat, yet at the same time is fashionable and stylish and can be a little sexy if styled in a certain way.  Basically I get to wear my pyjama top out and about and it is socially acceptable because it is fashionable darling.  

I do think you have to be quite careful though as some of the tops can look quite cheap which is why I went for a black one.  I thought it looked more expensive and it is also a more subtle nod to the trend.

This top is from River Island and was more than reasonable.  I always like to try out a trend or new piece before investing heavily, but this shirt did not disappoint and I think looks more expensive than it really was.  

One tip is to look in the actual nightwear section, this is where this is top is from and is half the price of their tops that look like pjs tops.  So keep that in my mind.

Obviously being in my pjs made me tired so I needed a caffeine pick me up and we stumbled across Faculty Coffee.  It is a new to me coffee shop and is perfect for an Instagram photo or two. 

Their coffee is strong and smooth, and their cakes are so delicious: all reasons why I will be returning soon.

Speaking of coffee I think I need a cup or two, so happy Friday and I will be in touch over the weekend xx 

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