Friday, 12 August 2016


Playsuits are something I love in theory.

They look like a dress but have the benefits of shorts.  No need to worry about gusts of winds leaving you red faced.  Yes I might have first hand experience of that embarrassment and rather not relive it.

Also there are so many really pretty ones just waiting to be bought.  They are so popular this year and are literally everywhere.

So far it is all sounding great but then along comes the big metaphorical fly in the ointment: the whole toilet issue.

Now I don't love using public toilets at the best of times but add the fact then that I have to basically get undressed in the cubicle, well the benefits of playsuits seem to be disappearing pretty quickly.

All that needs to be added is a very fiddly little zip on the back and then before I know I just don't see the playsuits allure, as either: I have to spend the whole evening hardly drinking anything and hoping I have the bladder of a camel; or I have to get basically undressed in the cubicle and convince my friend to go with me to the bathroom so that she can do my zip up properly afterwards.

It is a lot of effort.

But then I came across this Zara beauty and I didn't care about any of the practicalities of playsuit wearing because it was love.  Isn't it beautiful!

It fits me perfectly and makes me look like I have put way more effort in that just throwing it on, which is more the reality.  Also it helped that I got a few admiring glances when wearing it...the true sign of a winner.  

So I now might be a  convert to playsuits.  Just please clothes designers think about whether the person wearing it can undo and do it up themselves, thanks.

Oh and I follow the "my bladder is that of a camel" mentality just in case you were wondering.

Playsuit :: Zara // Sandals :: Valentino // Sunglasses :: Prada

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