Wednesday, 17 August 2016


It started in a chaining room in Urban Outfitters (I know do I shop anywhere else?).

I was looking in the mirror and trying to decide what I thought.

It was a cream ribbed cropped vest top.  Not a "I show a slither of your stomach when you raise you hands kind of crop": oh no a "this a crop top: look at my abs!" kind of a crop top.

And then I thought stuff it go for it and rushed off to the till before I had chance to change my mind.

Then on holiday I put it on with some hot pants and then was once again questioning it in front of the mirror.

Before heading out the door without a second glance.

With confidence you can carry anything off .

Now I am thinking I might need to buy this top in some colours because I am obsessed.  

Vest :: Urban Outfitters // Shorts :: Parisian Collection // Belt :: vVintage // Flip Flops :: Havaianas

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