Friday, 23 September 2016


"How would you describe yourself in three words?"

When I hear that question being asked immediately: my heart rate quickens; my foot begins to twitch; and my palms begin to sweat.  

I know it brings out the best in me.

And at that moment I feel like replying with "At this moment?  Wanting to run!"

But why?  Why does that question make me feel so uncomfortable and also so inadequate?

Obviously in different situations I give different answers.  Job interview: dedicated; passionate and punctual.  Social situation: sociable; fun; laid-back etc etc.

Each of these fail to really describe me though and instead reflects the traits I think the person wants to see.  That doesn't mean I don't have those traits, I just don't think they describe me as a person.  

In reality I am full of contradictions that make me me.

I love fashion and looking at the latest street style for inspiration.  I get excited about putting outfits together and documenting them.  Yet I love nothing more than having a pj day.

I love the city and its buzz yet there is nothing like a walking the countryside to clear my head and make me feel centred again.

I have strong opinions on certain things but at the same time hate upsetting others with my opinions.

I love socialising and dancing the night away yet love being at home with my girls baking cakes.

Iam so mature and cynical about the world yet am a Christmas nut and am counting down the days to Christmas already.  

I think though that is the joy of being human.  I cannot be defined by three words and I don't have to apologise for that or feel inadequate as a result.

We are who we are, and I want to embrace that.  SO there will be more posts around here reflecting all my interests and passions and the differing area of my life.  They might not be to everyone's cup of tea but hopefully different things will appeal to different people.  

This will take me way out of my comfort zone but I find this challenge exciting and it will hopefully help me learn more about me, myself and I.  

For a while I lost myself in who I thought I should be to prove my worth.  But now I see all that matters is how I view my self and that I see my own worth, not anyone else.  If I can love myself then hopefully the rest will follow...

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