Saturday, 17 September 2016


Scarves have been everywhere recently and they are the easiest way to inject a bit of colour, print or designer glamour into my wardrobe.

This is my favourite scarf of the moment which means I want to wear it as much as possible cue me spending a lot of time trying tot hike of different ways to wear scarves.

(1) A handbag accessory.

The easiest thing is to just tie the scarf around the strap of my handbag of choice.  Instantly it can bring a more dated or classic bag right up to date by using a scarf of the season such as one of the Gucci ones with the flower print.  

Also it instantly makes makes the bag look more luxurious even if it was a bargain from Zara, people will assume it is more expensive.

(2) Around my neck.

Rather obvious.  However there are two ways I style the scarf.

 I generally like to wear thin scarves like this loose with a leather jacket.  Love that look: it just looks so effortless.

Or my favourite way to wear my scarf at the moment is wrapped round my neck once (or twice depending on the length) and tied into a bow.  Now some people may say I look like an air stewardess but I love they way this looks and think with a shirt or a plain bardot top it is perfection.

(3) As a belt. 

A scarf can be a really good alternative to a belt especially when I am wearing a really simple and plain outfit.  Threading my scarf through my belt loops just adds some extra interest and some much needed print to make the outfit look more polished and put together.

(4) Tying it round my head like a head band.

Now the key here is to avoid the bandana look and instead fold the scarf length ways so it becomes the width of a thick headband, and then tie it round my head where a headband would normally go.

Now I have played around with this and it looks cute, I just need to build up the confidence to actually wear it out the house now.  

And they are the main ways I wear my scarf.  Do you have any other ideas I could try out: let me know if you do.

L xx 

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