Saturday, 10 September 2016


So I did that really annoying thing of saying I will post regularly and  then going AWOL.  

I know great blogger in the making....

But things have been happening in my offline life I assure you, just not things I can or want to share on here.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what I do or don't want to share especially when it comes to the girls but big school starting milestones have been this week so my attention has been focussed over there.

Apart from that though I have been in weird head space.  It is reminiscent of a rut but with  that adrenaline stressed overwhelmed feeling at the same time.  Know what I am talking about?

It has left me feeling rather lacklustre and deflated to say the least, so I thought I would give you my top tips and hacks to shake things up and get back to a place of confidence and level headed-ness.

Here we go:

(1) Doing my nails.  

I know it doesn't sound like ground breaking advice but it does work.  Some how my nails being all shiny and impressive in their gel polish glory makes me feel more put together and like I have this adult-ing thing under control.

(2) Fake tan

Another rather superficial thing to do, but when I have a hint of colour I feel instantly more confident and my whole demeanour is more positive.  If you look good, then you feel good: well I do anyway.

(3) Getting my butt into the gym.

Hitting the gym just shakes my head up literally and metaphorically.  It just helps to focus and reassess: and there is nothing quite as satisfying as that good ache that comes after a really good workout.  (I cannot believe I am writing that: I am a changed person!)

(4) Putting something in the diary.

I have booked a little getaway during November and I am so excited about it.  Having something like this just really helps me to get motivated and get out of my own head.  Planning things and putting them in the calendar just really helps me be more positive.

(5) Seeing friends

This is kind of linked to the one above but going out and seeing people always lifts my mood.  It just makes me realise how much fun there is to be had and also how many people love and care about me which I am so grateful for.

(6) Cooking or baking

There is just something so relaxing about following a recipe and that sense of achievement at the end...YES!  Just using my brain in a different way really helps to change the cycle and get me out of my rut.

(7)  Matching underwear

When I have matching underwear on I could take over the world.  It just makes me feel confident and like a real adult.  And if it is new, well that is even better.  Taking the time to buy new underwear for me is so important as it just reaffirms that I am worth it.  It makes me feel confident and self assured and more fun: all important things.  

So there are my top seven (rather random number!?) tips and hacks for getting myself out of a rut or cycle of overthinking.  They are all based about making sure I have some me time and focus on myself.  I think that is really important and should be prioritised.  It is so easy to focus on everyone else and forget about yourself.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

L xx

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  1. You are so right! I've been battling with feeling a bit down lately, but following a trip to the hairdressers yesterday the world is suddenly a brighter place!