Monday, 19 September 2016


Having had a really good weekend I kind of have the Monday blues.  So I thought a happy list would be a good place to start this week.

(1) Seeing good friends.  Just chilling and catching up with old good friends: this makes me so happy.

(2) The chill that has crept into the air recently.  Autumn is finally beginning to arrive.

(3) Chunky knits with a leather mini skirt.  I think I might just wear this all the time.

(4) My babies coming back home.  Just having them back and hearing they missed me, well it made me smile.

(5) Having time to be an adult.  I love my girls but having some time to be me and not Mummy and to do adult things, well it refreshes my soul.

(6)  Crossing things off to do lists.

(7)  Christmas stuff beginning to trickle into stores online.  It makes me unbelievably giddy, excited and happy.  I know it is far too early to start thinking about but yes I have already started planning a few things.

(8)  A warm cup of tea.  It just hits the spot every single time.

(9)  Freshly washed hair.  It is all just so swishy and makes me feel all "because I'm worth it".

(10)  Having freshly done nails.  Having pretty hands makes me feel so much more together.

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