Thursday, 15 September 2016


I love John Grisham books so couldn't resist picking up his latest one to add to my reading list.

John Grisham writes books that predominantly involve the law in some way, and that is what first attracted me to read his books.  I studied law, what can I say I am a law geek and proud of it.  

This one once again focuses on the law as the main character is a lawyer in the american legal system who represents some not very salubrious clients.  It is fast paced and kept me interested with its interesting characters and plot twists. 

I did feel on some level though that things were not as fleshed out as they could have been, and that it was somehow a mixture of short stories with the same main character rather than a novel.

On the other hand it was highly readable and easy to read and the perfect thing to pick up and read a few pages of at the end of the day.

Not my favourite by John Grisham though, if you have not read any books by him before I wouldn't read this one, instead I recommend The Firm, The Partner, or The Runaway Jury.  

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