Monday, 26 September 2016


It seems the weather has suddenly become really autumnal.  There is a chill in the air in the mornings and the light starts fading that little bit earlier every evening.  All this makes me smile as Autumn is one of, if not, my favourite season.  So much so that we did consider calling one of the girls Autumn at one point.

It also means I can move my coats to the fore front of my wardrobe, drag out my trusty boots, and start the joyful process of layering to keep warm.   Blankets appear on the sofa to snuggle under and I can start lighting my candles again which makes me unbelievably happy.

I have an unhealthy obsession with candles so thought it was about time to share my three favourites of the moment with you.

First up are some I found from Homesense.  I could waste hours in Homesense, and probably was when I came across these white pumpkin tealights by Chesapeake Bay Candle company.  Obviously these candles aren't much to look at but the smell...oh my!  I could smell them all day long.  

Ok that sound weird, but you get the idea they smell good enough to eat.  I take it they smell of pumpkin although I have no real idea what pumpkin smells like: what they smell of to me is the smell of biscuits baking mixed with something sweeter with a hint of cinnamon in there too.  So they smell delicious and I am going to light these all the time.  

The next one is an old firm favourite: Cinnamon Stick by Yankee Candle.  This smells like cinnamon obviously.  It is quite self explanatory.  But it is warm, cosy and I find the scent really reassuring and comforting.  This sort of smell just epitomises this time of year for me.  And it makes your house smell like you have been baked something incredible.  

My final favourite candle of the moment are these snow forest tea lights by Wax Lyrical.  Now I know we are nowhere near Christmas and here I am pulling out some Christmas candles (I know I love Christmas but even for me that would be a step too far), but they really do not smell of the stereotypical Christmas candles.  There is no underlying clove or frankincense  scent at all.  Instead they are rather a clean smelling floral smell mixed with an aftershave-y smell.  

Does that even make sense?  I am rubbish at describing scents.

What I will say is that these smell amazing and do not smell of baking if you are not into those sorts of scents.  They also are not really sweet smelling or sickly.  In my opinion it is not a very Christmas scent at all but perfect for a relaxing bath or to burn in your bedroom.

Anyway they are my favourite candles of the moment.  Let me know which candles you love as I am always up for buying more candles.  If only I was going to the States so I could get some from Bath & Bodyworks.  

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