Thursday, 17 November 2016


I recently stumbled across a planner that is so perfect it is unbelievable and I bought it, even though it is an 18 month planner that started in August and I have months of empty pages, because it made my stationary heart jump with glee.  

A little too much?  Probably...

But in all seriousness it has monthly overviews and weekly pages too.  Everything I could ever need to plan my life right down to a tee.  

It is by Molly & Rex and is one of their planners if you want to google.  I did try and find it but had no such look although they do make some other beautiful things.  

In other news I am trying to plan my life.  

It is a big task but one that I really want to get started with because the anxiety caused by the thought of it well yes it is pretty overwhelming...more like paralysing.  

I have tried to be quite candid over here about my personal situation due to respecting people's privacy and everyone involved in the situation, but also because at the end of the day it is my personal life and business and I don't really want it all over the internet.  

Makes sense right.

But hopefully the end is in sight and soon the divorce will be through and I will no longer be in limbo land.  Which if you are in limbo land too, I totally feel for you.  It is one of the worst places to be and it is a tough place to ride out.  

I have been at my lowest in the last ten months or so and what I will say is work on yourself and it does get better.  You will get there.  You are right where you need to be right now but things will change, nothing lasts for ever.   It is hard and it is ok to be broken hearted, I have been there, you will rise from the ashes I promise.

Ok enough of my self motivational talk.

Which means that as the dust settles my life lies out before me totally unplanned which is so liberating and terrifying at the same.  

All my old wishes and dreams for the future have been blown out of the water and instead I am finding out my new dreams and the things I want to achieve by when.  

And the big thing that keeps coming up is a house or more importantly where to put down roots to create the most special home for the girls and me.  I feel like it should be simple but the reality seems so complicated and I am so indecisive and confused.  But maybe I just need to sit on it a while and  see what plays out.  

If there are any homeowners out there that have any advice practical or otherwise I would be so grateful because with all the types of mortgage, life insurance, etc etc my head is in quite the spin.

HELP!!  Haha only joking, no but really...

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