Sunday, 20 November 2016


Watching: A Girl on the Train.  This was the last film I saw at the cinema and I was worried it was over hyped and one of those films where all the best bits were in the trailer.  They weren't.  Really good but not one to watch if you want a funny light hearted rom com but if you want some suspense, go see it.

Reading: His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet.  Really into this and am dreading finishing it.  Is it reality: is it not?  And it brings together my love of the law, crime and the psychology behind committing criminal acts.  There will be a full review up soon when I finish it.

Listening: to whether Esme has got out of her bed in the middle of the night.  Are they her little footsteps I can hear?  She is a sleep walker which is weird when you wake up to find her standing right by your bed asleep but with her eyes wide open.  Very freaky.

Eating: alone.  That makes me sound rather tragic but it really wasn't.  I had a rare day of me time and I decided to take my time and take myself out for lunch, sushi to be exact.  It was just me, my book and my sushi and it was strangely liberating.  I always had dreaded such things in the past because of looking like a loner but I got to: people watch to my hearts content; drink as many cups of green tea as I wanted; and I didn't have to share my spicy tuna rolls with anyone.  Win win in my world!

Thinking: about potential summer holiday plans for next year.  It is freezing and miserable which makes me crave sunshine and warmth but I would also like something to see.  Any ideas?  Oh yes and it also has to be suitable for two little people who just want to spend all day in the pool.

Up next: The Man Booker Prize winner The Sellout.  Really looking forward to starting that one.  

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