Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Sundays for me are for big snuggly jumpers, cups of tea, blankets on the sofa with a family film on.  Ideally there would be some good food included along with some time reading the Sunday papers.  

Sadly I do not always get to tick all these boxes but one thing I have got down is the big snugly jumper because of course that had to be the number one priority.

I saw this one in H&M (sold out sorry!) and I was just drawn to it.  It was something about the colour and the tiger and its oversized-ness.  It looked the perfect thing to just chuck on and look quite effortlessly cool and I like to think it does that with aplomb.

It also looks great with a leather mini skirt or basic blue jeans, basically anything.  

Once I put this jumper on my mood instantly brightens which is always a good thing because despite my tick list I do find Sundays a difficult day.

For me Sundays are a family day and a day that when we were a family of four we used to spend just the four of us exploring London or doing something and from time to time I still feel that void on a Sunday.  It used to last all Sunday while now it is just fleeting, a blink and you might miss it sadness about what could have been and what the sad reality is. 

I think by acknowledging it it helps it just be a second.  Obviously it is sad but I have moved forward and there is so much to look forward to and so many opportunities that it makes it easier to acknowledge instead of being the heart break it used to be.

Massive life changes are scary but sometimes bad things happen so that good things appear round the corner.  Well that is what I keep telling myself anyway.

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  1. Why oh why must it be sold out? It looks absolutely comfortable! Thanks for sharing this. (:

    Single Vegas Girl