Thursday, 24 November 2016


As an english girl through and through I have never celebrated Thanksgiving and had no idea what it was about until I googled it and now I have a vague idea.

But what I do really like is the idea of taking a day out to celebrate everything we have to be thankful for because I sometimes forget to appreciate all the little things that I am so lucky to have in my life and there is a lot I have to be thankful for.

The last year I think has been one of, if not the, hardest year of my life so far with the breakdown of my marriage, but at the same time it has been one of the years that I have grown the most and really worked on myself.  If you compared me now to how I was a year ago, well there is no comparison...I have come a hell of a long way and there is so much further to go which I am so excited about.  

So I thought I would do a list of everything of the things I am most thankful for so I have something to look back on at this point in time:

(1) My beautiful girls.  Their happiness, their health, their giggles, just everything about them.  On the days when the last thing I wanted to was get out of bed, I got out of bed for them and they kept me going.  When I wanted to give up it was knowing I was doing it for them that kept me putting one foot in front of another.  I am so proud of them and so thankful to them.

(2) My family and friends.  When you hit rock bottom you realise who is really there for you and I am so lucky to have so many wonderful and supportive people in my life who were there to offer a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, an upbeat pep talk, you name it they offered it and I am so grateful to them all.  Thank you guys!

(3) Knowing who I am.  I am so thankful for being in a place where I know who I am and am proud of who I am and no longer feel the need to apologise for who I am and think I am not good enough.  Could I write who I am anymore?!

Joking aside, I have flaws as does everyone but I have some pretty great strengths and I am more than happy with looking in a mirror and knowing that I have integrity and dignity despite everything.  

(4)  Happiness.  My it has taken me a long time to get here and I know I am not all the way there but I am so much further down this path that I was a year ago.  

I am happy with my lot and excited about what the future holds.  (Six months ago I never thought I would be writing that sentence.) 

(5) Health.  I am so lucky to be healthy, have a well stocked fridge, clean water.  These are things that I take for granted far too much but with so much poverty and suffering in the world I really shouldn't be so quick to overlook this things as basics everyone has because lots of people don't have them.  With the refugees that have to flee their homes and risks their lives because of persecution, I am so lucky and am really thankful for all the basics that I take for granted far too often.  

That is my top five things I am thankful and grateful for today: what are you thankful for?

All that is left to sat is: Happy thanksgiving everyone! 

Lots of love



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