Thursday, 27 October 2016


Earlier this year I signed up to the gym and I wrote a previous post about it here.  To be honest I am still surprised that I stuck at it and enjoy it as much as I do.  It has really made a big change mentally and physically.  I am more than happy to write about this so let me know in the comments if it is something you would like to read.  

Back to todays post: I thought it was about time I shared some of what I do in the gym to maybe give some of you guys a few new ides.  I am always on the lookout for new ideas and things to add to my circuits and I thought you might be too.  

I don't do a lot of cardio and focus more on strength training and not being the strongest I really like to do this using my own body weight.  Luckily TRX is perfect for this.  

TRX is a suspension training and rip training equipment.  I use it mainly for the suspension training which helps develop strength, balance,  flexibility and core stability all at the same time.  Lots of boxes ticked with one piece of equipment.  

Below I have detailed three of my favourite exercises to do with it at the moment.  I do three sets of twenty reps of each exercise in conjunction with other gym machines and routines.  I like to start with these as they are a good way to warm up and increase your heart rate.

Number one:

With this one you hold the "ropes" and squat down.  You then bob twice before jumping up. By bob I mean that you almost try and extend the the squat lower just to stretch the muscles that little bit more.  

Number two:

So the idea with this one is that you want to be flat, like a table.  Not hunched or too low.  Then you bring you knees in to your chest then back into "table top" position before moving your legs out so they make a "v" shape.  Bring your feet back together and your legs straight.  Then you just have to do it another nineteen times.  

This one really works on that core and my it hurts by the end!

Number three:

The idea here is that you want to keep yourself like a board.  Your body should be in line and straight.   You start at an angle and then pull yourself up using your arms so you are perpendicular to the floor and then lower yourself back down for one rep.  There should be no movement of your feet.  

This is a really nice calming one to do and it doesn't feel that bad at the beginning but I feel the burn by the end, but remember you've got this!

So they are my favourite TRX exercises at the moment.  Let me know if you know of any exercises I would like or any gym goers on Instagram that I should be following.  

L xx

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