Tuesday, 25 October 2016


A kid free Saturday mean afternoon tea with the girls in Harvey Nichols, because why ever not?  Lots of little sandwiches were eaten along with scones and decadent cakes.  And so much tea was drunk.  I love tea but even I might have been all tee-ed out by the end.

The best part was the company and the long winding chats and my eureka moment.

You see I am one of those people that hands out really good advice.  If you ever need a sensible word or someone to tell you are good enough, that you should be proud of yourself, the steps forward you are taking, well come and talk to me.  I have that stuff down and can see so clearly how others are so valuable and worthy of being treated like a King or Queen.

But when it comes to me taking my own advice, well that is whole other story.

Until that Saturday.  While I sat there I suddenly realised this is what I had been missing out on for a while until relatively recently.

For a long time I had put other people before me and put myself at the bottom of the list.  I thought this would make me a better mother, wife, friend etc.  But the reality was somewhat different.  

For some people the more you give the more they take and the more they expect and the less appreciation there is. I was slap bang in the middle of that cycle and thought proving myself even more and prioritising everyone else even more would somehow fix it.

Surprisingly it didn't work.

Now I realise that I deserve that consideration and those gestures for myself and I should do them for myself.  I deserve time to relax and recharge be that by afternoon tea or a little massive splurge in Laura Mercier (more on that soon!).

I am naturally someone who likes to give and make other happy but it doesn't have to be at my expense and it doesn't always have to come before me.  I am not saying what I want comes first all the time but more that I don't have to come last all the time.

I need to make sure I have time to do things for me and to show myself that I think I am worth it.

I know this will seem obvious to some of you but for me it is such a big step forward and highlights how much I have moved forward.

Never think you are not deserving: you totally are.  

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