Monday, 17 October 2016


In winter I go one of two ways.  Either: skinny jeans and layers and layers of jumpers which makes me somewhat resemble a sparrow; or I pull out a skirt, normally above the knee, and a pair of thick tights.

Keeping this in mind, I was browsing Zara and came across the skirt and it was love at first sight as it fell perfectly into the skirt with tights category.  

I love the fact it is such statement piece by itself, meaning I can get away with putting no other effort in but look like I have.  Win Win!

I decided to style it with a simple white shirt with a black jumper over the top, both tucked in as I wanted it all to be about the skirt.  Thick black tights and some simple black brogues finished the outfit off.

I think it is outfits like this that sum up my style and are firmly in my comfort zone.  They are so easy to throw on but look like way more time and effort has gone into them.  

And F.Y.I. I sized up in the skirt so I had more options to tuck in really chunky knitwear and layers.  I also wanted it that little bit longer so it was more easy to wear.

What do you think?

L xx   

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