Wednesday, 19 October 2016


watching: Cold Feet.  This programme just gives me the warm fuzzes.  It is British and that great British humour that I love and I might have been brought up around it.  My Mum is a massive fan and might have cried when Rachel dies: oh yes she is a mega fan.  

reading: Girl at War by Sara Nović.  After watching a video By Jess I decided to join her "book club" and this was the first book.  It is about the Bosnian war which is a period of history I am sad to say I know very little about until I started reading this book and researching it to help me understand.  Really fascinating book and really easy read.  A full review will be up when I finish it.

listening: to podcasts particularly Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon.  The episodes are the perfect thing to put on while I am doing some mundane chores or just listen to in some down time.  Emma interviews some really interesting people.

eating: gingerbread pumpkins, skulls and ghosts.  The girls and I made biscuits and I had way too much fun icing them.  

thinking: about how my little baby is turning two tomorrow!  How is she so big?  Also looking forward to celebrating exactly how I want to and making the day so special for her.

What have you been up to lately?

L xx 

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