Sunday, 26 June 2016


I am a skinny jeans type of girl, the skinnier the better.  But earlier this year I decided to take the brave step of stepping out of my skinny comfort zone and move to the straight leg!!!

I know!  You can gasp in terror if you want to.  

All the cool girls on Instagram made me do it.  They all look so effortlessly styled with the hems of their straight jeans slightly rolled up to show their ankles.  So of course I jumped on the bandwagon.

These jeans are winners because: (a) I got to size down and feel super slim (b) they have a high waist so no builders' bums here and finally (c) they have a lighter rinse that screams summer to me.

They look awesome with heels and also great with a pair of battered Stan Smiths for those days when you want to be able to walk without feeling like Bambi, i.e. like I am going to fall over at any second.  
On the top half I have a rather low blouse with a bralette underneath to make it a little more PG appropriate, and then a fine chain necklace to add a bit of interest.

I love the bralette detail that can be seen and I am just in love with bralettes generally at the moment--we are having a moment because wire is not that comfy. 

 I also want to be brave enough to buy a lace body but I am just not sure I am quite there yet.  If you know of any good ones though maybe I could be persuaded.

Blouse :: Urban Outfitters // Bralette :: Urban Outfitters // Jeans :: Cheap Monday // Necklace :: Urban Outfitters // Trainers :: Adidas Stan Smiths 

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