Thursday, 30 June 2016


Is it me or is there something so magical about the beauty halls in department stores?  Maybe it is because they always remind me of Christmas, when they welcome you in from the cold outside and you can't help treating yourself with a little something.  Or maybe it is because as a little girl everything looked so glamorous and exciting: all I wanted to do was try some of the perfumes and pretend I was all grown up.

Well they have not lost any of their charm for me, and I felt like an excited child again when I was trying to find a new nude lipstick at the weekend.  I wanted an easy to wear nude that wasn't too drying on my lips and that I could easily apply without a mirror.

Hello Laura Mercier!  I was just perusing their lovely products when it was like it was meant to be and I came across the Twist and Pout Collection in nude.   My prayers were answered!

Inside was the lip parfait creamy colour balm in cinn-full--like what they did there with the name--and the lip pencil in hazelnut tea.  

The lipstick is a light browny peachy nude that leaves the lip with a sheen.  The lip pencil is the perfect colour to go with the lipstick but it also looks lovely by itself all over the lip.  If you put the lip pencil all over the lips then the lipstick over the top you can create a darker look which is more browny in colour and a little more dramatic. 

I would say that if you like matt nudes then this is not the one for you but I love it as I like a little sheen on my lips.  It is easy and comfortable to wear and because it is not a dramatic colour there is not massive upkeep during the day which is always a winner for me.

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