Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Far too often I intend to save and then somehow end up splashing the cash in the beauty hall at Selfridges or Harvey Nichols.

So to try and abate the guilt a bit, I thought I would share them on here because that totally legitimises them then, right 😉
This year is the year of change in regard to my perfumes and I think it was about time.  

Over the summer I was in love with this one and I wanted to add a few more to my repetoire and while browsing and confusing my nose with far too many scents I came across Stella and Dior Addict.

Neither are new to me as I have worn both before, but I was reminded of how much I loved them and wanted them back in my life.

I am not going to bore you with the high notes, deep notes and all that jazz because their websites tell you all that information better than I ever could.  But what I will say is Dior Addict is more heavy and musky and perfect for the evening and Stella is a good alternative to the Aerin Rose perfume that proved really difficult to get my hands on.  
The next little beauty product which I have become addicted to is Laura Mercier's radiant foundation primer.  It makes putting makeup on a dream and also my make-up lasts so much longer with this on it is ridiculous.  Just the thing for all those parties over the festive period.  
Speaking of Laura Mercier something else that I had to, it was a had to, was Laura Mercier's secret concealer in shade 2.  I had got to the point when I could see the bottom in my other one and the thought of running out made me dash to the nearest Laura Mercier counter straight away and re-purchase.  This is my only concealer so I use it under the eyes and on pimples, and it is great.  It is high coverage and creamy and lasts all day.  
Finally we have a lipstick purchase.  After purchasing a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick not long ago I found myself once again at her counter swatching lipsticks like a mad woman.  I wanted them all but restrained myself to just picking up Super Cindy, the most perfect nude ever.  I think I might be back soon though to invest in Penelope Pink; Nude Kate and Hepburn Honey.

Please tell me I am not alone in my inability to have any self restraint in any beauty hall  shop.  If so let me know what you have been buying ion the comments below or which Charlotte Tilbury lipstick I should buy next.

L xxx

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